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Coaching transforms lives

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Does your child struggle with executive function skills, motivation, task follow through, emotional dis-regulation, and other essential life skills?

Executive function skills refers to brain-based skills required to effectively execute, or perform tasks and solve problems; they are cognitive processes that help regulate behavior, make decisions, set and achieve goals. (paraphrased from smart but scattered teens).

To develop these brain based skills, your child FIRST needs awareness! If your child is not aware of what skills they need, or what their struggles are (unconscious incompetence), they will not know how to find solutions or what they are trying to even solve. They often think "I`m fine, I have enough time to hand in my work, I know how to do this."

The stages of learning theory explains this very clearly. When they become more conscious about what their difficulties are, the skills needed and the solutions to overcome these challenges, they move into "conscious competence" because NOW THEY KNOW what to do about what they KNOW they struggle with.

A coach or mentor is crucial in coming alongside students - especially those who have a hard time with task execution - to support them with strategies that help with consistency and accountability. This leads them into the unconscious competence learning zone where many tasks become "automatic" as they learn new habits/routines that train the brain`s re-wiring system to automatically choose more helpful behaviors.

The most learning takes place in the uncomfortable zone! When they discover their incompetence (consciously incompetence) it can get a bit messy! It`s a hard place to be in but it offers the most learning and growth because this is where the student learns new skills that take them into the consciously competence stage!

Learning new skills are often hard! Coaching challenges students to be OK with "uncomfortable." When their brains are stretched and challenged, this is when they grow and learn the most!

Coaching supports students in having a growth mindset and to learn how to "fail forward" through the challenges.

"Fail early, fail often but always fail forward" John C Maxwell

This quote explains a lot of what coaching is:

"When you set an intention, you improve your attention, which in turn fosters retention." -Ella Holton-McCoy

The benefits of coaching brings a new sense of understanding self, others, the task at hand and skills needed.

  • Intention: Coaching - through self-reflective questions - brings intention to the forefront of the mind. Students become more aware of their thinking patterns & mindsets, so their actions become more intentional as they set meaningful weekly goals. They get more clarity on what they REALLY WANT.

  • Attention: Students pay more attention to what they need to improve, what executive or other skills are needed and possible solutions to their challenges.

  • Retention: Students develop strategies to consistently remember to do tasks, become more proficient in executive skills with more focus, confidence and motivation.

Wouldn`t you want these benefits for your child?


Here are some testimonies from past students:

"I loved the one-on-one sessions because I could focus on things that I want to work on or improve without having to worry about the time or other people just listening. ............I would definitely recommend this class (group coaching) to other students especially to those who are also stuck in this hole or loop of feeling lazy, moody, unproductive, having a lack of motivation for school work, etc. This is a great class to also just help you with your journey to adulthood and help get you ready for that big, scary world called life."

"I would highly recommend this course to other students because it genuinely equips young adults with the necessary tools to succeed. This was one of the most important and useful classes I have done while in high school."

And this is from a student a year later!

"I just want to say thank you for having this class, ever since I took your class (group coaching) I've been able to study and focus on my school work harder, and I've achieved many of my personal goals because of it, and you have really helped me on my journey to become a successful adult."

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Coaching helps your child with essential life skills that are needed into their future. Life coaching develops self-awareness as coaching challenges students to find solutions, experiment with new strategies to find what works for the individual, set goals and SMART actions to follow through with more support and weekly accountability.

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