Stop being the boss of your teen and coach like a boss

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The way parents parented young children when they were little no longer works in the tween and teen years. As parents, we need to respond to these changing times and make an intentional shift in our parenting; one that is more applicable during the adolescent years.


What has changed? Besides trying to figure out who they are, tweens and teens want to do more for themselves; they want to make their own choices and decisions. They desire more freedom and autonomy, but they are not sure how to balance independence with responsibility. They want the independence but do not want the responsibilities that come with more autonomy OR they don`t know what the responsibilities look like because parents are doing it all for them.


When parents give more autonomy without responsibility, teens expect more and do less, and parents expect less and do more. This creates entitlement and dissension in the home.


It`s challenging for parents to know how much to do for their teenagers, how to direct them and how to balance autonomy with responsibility.


How you show up as a parent with your teen needs to shift.

Parents who make this shift improve relationships and support their teens to take more ownership of their lives.


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