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Mother and Daughter

Stop being the boss of your teen and coach like a boss

Parent support video workshop

How do you hold your teenagers accountable without nagging them and getting frustrated?


How do you balance autonomy and responsibility with your teens?

It`s hard to find the balance between "telling them what to do" and helping them "tell themselves what to do."

Coach your teens like a Boss and grow self-directed, confident learners who WANT to talk to their parents.

The "Coaching like a Boss" resource supports parents in launching confident, connected and capable young adults.


Making a shift in your parenting transforms family dynamics.


Learn how to parent with a coaching mindset for more calm, connection, and peace in the home.

Get your teenagers to take more ownership of their lives!

Parent testimony: "I can’t tell you how much you helped our teen/mom relationship as a result of both the teen and parent coaching. We both still have to practice our skills and remember not to shift back into old habits, but it has been such a breakthrough since we found you!"


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