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Mother and Daughter

Stop being the boss of your child and coach like a boss

Parent support video masterclass




















How do you hold your child/teen accountable without nagging them and getting frustrated?


How do you balance autonomy WITH responsibility so your child/teens make healthier choices?

It`s hard to find the balance between "telling them what to do" (commanding & demanding) and helping them "tell themselves what to do" (confident self-management).

Cultivate responsible independence and connection with your child so they WANT to talk to you (and enjoy your company into their adult years).

The "Coach like a Boss" resource gives parents insight into what`s not working in your parenting as you shift perspectives, so you show up as the influential parent God created you to be.


 "Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out."

Proverbs 20:5


When you realize WHAT your child is having difficulty communicating, you discern a better way to support them - that INVITES them IN!

THIS changes reality and what's possible, beyond what you can imagine!

Coaching helps parents approach situations differently which brings more calm, peace and influence in your parenting.


Get your child to cooperate and collaborate with you.

Parent testimony: "I can’t tell you how much you helped our teen/mom relationship as a result of both the teen and parent coaching. We both still have to practice our skills and remember not to shift back into old habits, but it has been such a breakthrough since we found you!" Martina

GET my parent workshop masterclass and 15 page workbook!



  • Receive an 8 DAY ACTION GUIDE to build better relationships with your child and (tw) teens.

  • Do a Quiz together that improves your emotional connection so your child not only knows you love them but FEELS your love (knowing and feeling love is different).



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