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Coaching students

One-to-one STUDENT coaching

Life coaching challenges students to find solutions, experiment with new strategies to find what works for the individual, set goals and follow through with weekly accountability. Creating healthy habits around sleep, exercise and all areas of life is key. 

Academic coaching addresses executive function challenges: time management, organization, planning, focus, prioritization, mindsets, emotional regulation, self-advocacy, and other aspects like relationships, motivation, stress, and anxiety.

Coaching supports students to become self-motivated learners and problem solvers.

Increased healthy self-awareness leads to more intentional choices and responsible independence, which improves confidence, and motivation. It is important for students to manage their lives beyond academics and be better prepared to transition into life after after high school.


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What is coaching and the benefits?

I also have group coaching classes: Teen Mentorship 101 or the GO PROGRAM.



super semester

Smiling Student in Lecture

Start off strong. This is about 16 weeks of coaching


College Students

Weekly coaching  with minimum booking of 3 months

What else do you get?

Resources & SUPPORT

Support group
  1. Email summary after each session

  2. Unlimited email/text communication with parent & student

  3. Parent support zoom calls

  4. Extra resources: templates, coach tools, video trainings

extra bonus


Two 30 minute coaching calls with parent and student before commitment, and to see if coaching is a good fit. This is where buy-in from the student is determined.

What`s the next step?

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Contact me below if you are interested in coaching. Book your complimentary call to see if we are a good fit. I like to meet the parent and student separately in a call, so let`s have a chat!

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