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 create Better routines

Get clear on expectations, goals and a better way to get on the same page with solid agreements
Pink Sugar

How to get your child responsive to you and productive with their time without constant reminders especially when life is busy and overwhelming so you experience a peaceful, organized learning environment.





















Why get this resource?

>Grow confidence, independence and relationships

>You`ll love these "done it for you" agreements so you get more time to work on relationships and support your teen to manage tasks and time

>Discuss areas of potential conflict BEFORE they arise and go back to a solid, firm agreement with clear expectations

>No misunderstandings and he-said, she-said!

>Experience more calm and less chaos


Here`s what you`ll get:

>20 beautiful pages of resources with templates, tools, info-graphics and creative planner ideas

>Exact written agreements you fill out together with your teen, including social media limits, morning & evening routines, chores and others - 11 in total! 

>Blank agreements to make them your own

>Exact coach conversations & questions to ask your child to invite buy in

>Visual templates to print out and place where your child will be reminded

>Daily to-do plan to help with prioritizing, better time estimation & time management


>One hour video workshop on START-up STRATEGIES with the three R`s and how to create a more peaceful & organized learning environment

>Two extra video links to show your child

Why not START-up the Semester STRESS-FREE?





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Videos & 20 page resource

This resource will give you 11 exact agreements with a step by step plan to create a calmer home environment!

START-up STRESS-Free Strategies & Agreements


Templates, time tools, conversation starters, 11 agreements, planner ideas to get more buy in, & routine follow through


It`s time to create clear agreements for a Stress-free Start-up Semester! 

Hi, I`m Mandi

As a veteran home educator with young adults, I understand the challenges families face during the adolescent years.


What makes my heart sing?

Seeing families strengthened in relationships as they discover the freedom and joy in home education. Strong families impact God`s kingdom.


This resource will give you 11 exact agreements with a step by step plan to create a calmer home environment!


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