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Parent & Teacher Workshops

I offer workshops and motivational presentations on many topics and how to use  "The Coach Approach" in family relationships, home education, and supporting students with executive function.

Parent Coach Training Workshops

These are fun, interactive workshops where I demonstrate some of the tools  I use with my students and parents. Parents get to experience the value of coaching for themselves and learn how to use "The Coach Approach" to connect with their children and support them in home education and beyond.
Teacher Coach Training Workshops
Educators learn how to use coach strategies to empower young people to take ownership of their lives and see themselves as capable, confident individuals. These are very engaging, practical workshops where educators collaborate together on how to use these methods to encourage students to problem solve and improve self-motivation.
Parent online group coaching workshops and membership.
These live zoom online workshops support parents in coaching their children using "coach strategies" to improve relationships and encourage ownership, self-motivation and independent learning & living.
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Past Speaking Events

I have spoken at a variety of events at places in North America and Africa. See some of my past events below.

Speaking Events in Zimbabwe, Africa, June 2022

​Coaching in the Classroom:

How to apply coaching methods in the classroom for greater student performance and teacher-student engagement. This workshop provides hands-on practice for teachers to demonstrate coach strategies to build collaboration, grow personal development, and improve confidence in their students.

Coach your Child for Change:

The shift every parent needs to make for greater cooperation that builds connection, and confidence in your child. Parents will recognize the importance of three essential needs adolescents require for a healthy transition into adulthood.

Makeover Your Life Summit, April 2021

1. Tools to Empower Teens to Self-Direct:

Do you struggle to know how much to do for your teens or how to direct them? What if your parent-superpowers and expertise were actually holding your teens back and negatively affecting relationships? Learn tips on how to parent with a coaching mindset so your teens build confidence.

2. Tips to Successfully Launch your Teens:

The 3 R`s help teens adjust and adapt to new challenges and responsibilities that prepare them for real life. Are you concerned that your teen will not be ready? Explore 3 ways parents can prepare their teens for life beyond homeschooling.


3. Time Management Head Hacks

What is hacking your time? Learn how to manage mom-hood and master your mental load. Develop mastermind strategies for greater time impact, parental influence and peace in the home.


  • May 2-5, 2019, Garden Grove, California, at the California Homeschool Network ​​

  • July 11-13, 2019, Fresno, California, at the Central Valley Homeschool Convention

  • July 26, 2019, Modesto Center Plaza with Valley Home Educators

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Speaker Topics for Parents

I have various topics related to parenting and home education.

Ponderings from empty nesters, veteran home educators and a life coach.
What things are we proud of? What things would we do differently? What are some conflicting world messages that could get you off track and distract you in your journey? Meet a husband-and-wife team from Africa and ask them anything!​


How to have a "coach conversation" with your teens.

Hold your teens accountable in love with understanding and acceptance instead of constantly chasing them, checking up on them and being on their case. Get practical "coaching strategies" that improve cooperation and encourage mutual, supportive accountability with school and chores.

Support your teenagers with time management tools

Help your children to self-motivate, self-manage and set up regular routines to follow through with school and chores so they get more done with less nagging from you.


The forgotten universal language
Learn how this forgotten love language will improve communication and strengthen relationships with your teens. Rekindle and realize a valuable skill that will improve family dynamics.

Support your teenagers with executive function skills.
It`s more than just helping them get stuff done – help them GET 3 THINGS all adolescents want. Remove distractions that hack their time without telling them what to do.


Are your parent-superpowers and expertise affecting your child`s autonomy?
What if you were not meant to be the expert on your child or meant to solve all their problems? Learn how to give up being the expert so your child builds essential skills for adulthood.


Quieten down your expert voice so your teens find their expert voice.

Get practical tools on how you can make a shift every parent needs to make - from boss-manager-parent to curious-coach-parent. Transform family dynamics that build cooperation and connection.

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Speaker Topics for Educators

Are you an educator? There are many topics  I speak on related to education! See below.

Coach Strategies in the Classroom:

How to use coach strategies to empower young people to take ownership of their lives and see themselves as capable, confident individuals.

Are your teacher-expertise holding your student back?

What if you were not meant to have all the answers and solutions for your students? Use "The Coach Approach" to teaching that empowers your students to become more confident, self-motivated critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The 4 C`s that empower both teachers and students

How can teachers get their students` BEST performance and at the same time give of THEIR best? Learn about the 4 essentials that draw out THEIR best and be an exceptional teacher your students WANT TO respond to.

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Culum Walsch, Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Coach Trainer and a Bilingual International Academic Life Coach

Mandi Frost was a participant in my professional coach-training class that I led and trained. I have 21 years of classroom teaching experience, so I can honestly say that Mandi is an exceptional coach. She asks powerful questions and applies coaching tools that create space for her clients to develop self-awareness and apply their learning to action. Mandi has created excellent, one-on-one and group coaching programs for both students and parents. Anyone who gets to work with Mandi is fortunate. She is professional, responsible, creative, and talented. She has my highest recommendation!