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May 2-5, 2019, Garden Grove, California, at the California Homeschool Network 


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Successfully Launching your Teen

Tips and Tools to Connect with Teens

July 11-13, 2019, Fresno, California, at the Central Valley Homeschool Convention



Successfully Launching your Teen

Tips and Tools to Connect with Teens

The Forgotten Universal Language

July 26, 2019, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm at the Modesto Center Plaza with Valley Home Educators


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I offer parent workshops, motivational talks and presentations on many topics concerning teens, family relationships, home schooling, education and more. Depending on the needs of parents, my presentations are tailor-made to suite individual requirements. 

Tips and Tools to connect with Teens: - Parents learn some coaching tools that they can practice at home with their families.
These workshops demonstrate how parents can clearly and effectively communicate with their teens, enabling them to participate in solutions that lead to critical thinking skills, problem solving and leadership development. Workshops show parents how to take a break from being “the expert,” “super-mom to the rescue,” and “chief problem solver” which improves relationships and strengthens family dynamics.  Parents identify how to transition in their parenting styles from “telling their teens what to do” to helping their teens “tell themselves what to do.” Parents learn how to speak to their teens in a new way that empowers them to think and plan for themselves, and prepares them for adulthood.
Learning and Metacognition - this presentation focuses on how people learn best and defines metacognition and how coaching fits into the big picture (and get ready to learn some neuroscience). 
Coaching Workshops - these are fun, interactive workshops where I demonstrate some of the tools that I use with my students. These workshops help parents understand what coaching is all about - this is where the parent gets to "sit in the seat" of the student and experience the value of coaching for themselves. Parents will also be able to use some of these tools at home with their own teens. 
Parent online group coaching workshops. These live zoom online workshops help parents know when to advise and solve problems or when to step back and take a break from being "super-mom to the rescue." Learn coaching tools to add to your toolbox of parenting skills! 
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In the video below, I show parents how they can help their teens design and plan their own meaningful summer activities that will help them "get off the couch" (and off their gadgets) during summer vacations.
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