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The coach Parent Mindset

Launch responsible relational  Young Adults

  • How do you help your tweens and teens with more independence without nagging or yelling?

  • How would it feel if your adolescents enjoyed your company, listened to you and wanted to hear your advice?

  • ​​​The Coach Parent Mindset shifts your parenting to a new level as you learn a new language and view your child through a new lens.

  • A coaching mindset uses coaching tools that transforms your relationship with your child

How will parent coaching support you?

  • Experience more engaging family conversations

  • Break negative relationship cycles

  • Help your child build responsibility for more independence with accountability

  • Support your child in renewing their minds and change negative thought patterns to make better choices and respond in healthier ways 

  • Help your child build resilience and a growth mindset to persevere through challenges

  • Stay calm and controlled during conflict

  • Manage your own emotions, mindsets, perspectives, and expectations

  • Support your child or struggling learner in home education

  • Apply coaching techniques from a Biblical worldview -through God`s word- to handle any parenting challenge

  • Move forward with grace and forgiveness

What will you learn?

  • Tools for emotional regulation & making wise choices, relationship building tools, focus building and others. 

  • Learn how to ask powerful coach questions and know what to say and how to say it in a way that builds your child's self-discipline, self-motivation, and communication skills.

  • Invite your child to right behavior as you evaluate your own responses and what God is showing you as you point them to Christ

  • Learn how to show up calm and curious for more connection

What does the mentorship include?


Parent handouts, coach templates, assessments, workbooks, exercises, library of past video replays


Parent support network, practical application between sessions,  exclusive  private support group


Weekly zoom parent support calls, feedback and check in`s, exclusive  private parent community  


Weekly zoom parent support calls for 6 months, Video replays



This offers a wonderful, non-judgmental space for parents to support each other on this journey and benefit from Mandi‘s gentle and knowledgeable coaching skills. The regular meetings and email support provide the strategies, tools and accountability to go in the right direction and make changes. It has changed our whole family dynamics in terms of better communication, connection and teamwork.


Our conversations have helped me to better relate to my teen and support her to make better choices in terms of screens, sleep, eating etc. It took us some time until she felt comfortable to share her views and to sit down and talk without one of us getting emotionally agitated. We had a great check-in meeting and we are on a good path in the right direction. Your reminder that it will take time and a lot of baby steps has helped me a lot. It’s a process during which she’ll fail over and over again until we can make lasting changes. Thanks so much!


These workshops have given me a much-needed support group of like-minded moms who want to raise their teens differently than the rest of society. This has been a breath of fresh air and reassuring to me as a parent. Mandi helps us find practical baby steps in order to build meaningful relationships with our teens. In this process, we grow into a new kind of parenting role in order to become the parents that we ACTUALLY want to be. I`m learning to talk to my teens in a more affirmative way and that parenting teens does not need to be as stressful & drama-filled! It should be a time to focus on building positive relationships and helping them to flourish! Mandi is caring, reassuring, affirming, & real Coaching is the hidden secret to enjoying the teen years and beyond.. .....don't miss the opportunity!

​Coaching "draws out" potential through self-awareness and deep listening. 

"Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out."

Proverbs 20:5

If you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed about your tweens, teens or young adults and you need a new perspective with support from a coach and other christian parents navigating homeschooling or the adolescent years, then this 6 month coach program is for you!

(You don`t need to be a home school parent to join)


What`s the transformation worth to you?

Message me below to join the program

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Hi, I`m Mandi Frost. As a Christian Academic Life Coach, speaker, special needs (Dyslexia, ADD) & veteran home school educator of 25 years, I coach parents how to build focus, self-motivation, relationships and responsibility in their children using  strategies that transform family dynamics. I coach students in executive function skills and offer individual or group coaching and an online character & faith building program for the whole family that focuses on God`s Truth, renewing the mind (growth mindsets), time management and building stronger relationships.  

Message me to get onto the Waitlist

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