These resources support parents with coaching tools and strategies in preparing adolescents  for life and career success. 


Executive Function Skills 

Connect with your Teens


Video seminar: Coach your Teens off the Couch and Co-Create a Productive Summer


This video includes a 14 page workbook with summer planning tools and templates to get your pre-teens and teenagers to take more ownership, get chores done, set goals, follow through with actions and accountability.

Note: These coach tools, templates and strategies can be applied when planning the school semester with your children. 


Create buy in and encourage ownership, independence and resourcefulness.

Invite conversation and connection instead of telling them what their options are.

Get your teens to be more self-driven, productive & inspired as they realize their creativity and credibility.


The outcomes are more motivation, confidence and family connection.

Video Workshop


Couch Your Teen off the Couch and Co-Create a Productive Summer

One Video


Coaching tools & techniques

14 Page Workbook

Extra Bonus: 51 Creative & Self Reflective Summer Ideas for Teens 

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