I have put together many resources to support parents of teenagers and young adults.


I hope you will find these free printouts and videos helpful on your journey of teen and young adult parenting as you also transition into the empty nest phase. Yes, it comes quicker than you think!

Be a Boss Parent Coach 

Connect with your Teens

Wheel of Life

Makeover Your Life

You may also be interested in joining a monthly membership with conversational parent support workshops! 

These conversational parent support workshops help you:

  • Connect with your teenagers and young adults 

  • Experience more engaging family conversations

  • Help your teenagers without telling them what to do

  • Break negative relationship cycles 

  • Stay calm and controlled during conflict

  • Manage your own emotions, perspectives and expectations

  • Learn what to let go of and what to embrace    

  • Support your teenagers in executive function skills & home education

  • Take a break from fixing, solving, planning and nagging (it`s exhausting)

  • Trust your teenagers to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes (and know WHEN to step in)​

  • Apply coaching tools and techniques in any parenting challenge or life situation

  • Move forward with more grace and forgiveness


If you are feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and concerned about your relationship with your teenagers  and you want to help them excel in home education and beyond, then these engaging and supportive workshops are for you!

What`s the transformation worth to you?

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