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Time Tools &
Executive Function Skills

Get a FREE resource on executive function skills, how to break down tasks and estimating time. Children find it challenging to understand and visualize time in this digital age and these resources will support them with these challenges.




















Executive Function is about “GETTING THINGS DONE.” It`s knowing how to EXECUTE difficult tasks. Some of my students say: “It`s simple but hard.” Things like being organized or using a planner seem simple but it`s overwhelming and challenging.

Adolescents struggle with executive function as the prefrontal cortex of the brain is “under construction” and still developing. These muscles in the brain need to be exercised. The more E.F skills are practiced, the better students develop these areas as the brain makes new connections and builds strong neuron pathways. With practice, time, and repetition, students build good routines, working habits and systems as they work on these areas.

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