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Hands Together

teen mentorship 101


Build executive function skills (time & focus), cultivate healthy thinking patterns and resilient confidence, so your child manages their lives responsibly and you experience more peace and calm in your home.


For students to become successful in life, they need a clear understanding of who they were created to be, which affects their confidence and self-concept.

Mindsets affect decisions and actions.

​Transformation starts with renewing their minds and thought patterns to "think well in order to live well." Romans 12:2: "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

The idea of re-thinking and re-framing for positive, healthier mindsets confirms the neuroscience of rewiring healthier neuron pathways and strengthening right thinking patterns so students know how to make better choices.


With a clear truthful self-concept and healthier thinking patterns, young people thrive in their faith, responsibilities, education, relationships, and life purpose. 


Essentials in this program:

  • Group engagement

  • Collaboration

  • A private quiet place to work without distractions


Students motivate and inspire one another through coaching and fun activities which improves confidence and positivity.


This coaching program gives students an accurate self-concept as they build character traits and realize their strengths, values and capabilities.


Students desire 3 things in the context of education:

  • Choice (what to learn and how to learn)

  • Control (in making decisions and solving problems)

  • Credibility (feeling capable and confident)

In the first session, students brainstorm relevant topics they would like this course to include  to get the most support in areas that are meaningful to them.


This collaboration creates:

  • Trust

  • Responsible independence (accountability)

  • Greater buy-in

  • Motivation


This program also supports students in:

  • Goal setting

  • Weekly SMART actions

  • Accountability

Benefits include greater motivation, time management, executive function skills, group accountability, social connection, improved relationships, better habits/routines, goal setting, authentic self-concept, healthier mindsets and thinking patterns.

Not sure if this program is right for your child?

Try out a sample class teaser (when available)!


Potential Topics: (students brainstorm topics)

  • Mastering Mindsets (thought patterns, emotions)

  • Personal Perceptions (personality, strengths, weaknesses, values, character qualities)

  • Systematic Strategies (time management, organization, executive function)

  • Healthy Habits (spiritual-physical-mental health, anxiety, stress, exercise, nutrition, sleep, social media)

  • Tech Tools (Smart intentional usage)

  • Real Relationships (communication, friends, influences) 

  • Productive Projects (meaningful projects, business ideas, e-portfolios, websites)

  • Success Skills (skills needed for responsibility & independence)

  • Leadership Laws (volunteering, internships, networking, accountability)

I will personally help your child cultivate healthier perspectives, build time focus with better executive function; and boost resilient confidence so they make healthier decisions and you experience more home harmony.

Smiling Student in Lecture

​Improved academic success are natural outcomes with the focus on intrinsic motivation, healthier thinking patterns and mindsets.

What are the ages?

11-17 years

​​What are the group coaching dates and times?

Mondays 10:30am MST - 11:30am MST or 12:30pm EST - 1:30pm EST

Mondays 2:30pm MST - 3:30pm MST or 4:30pm EST - 5:30pm EST

Dates: 12th February -  15th April 2024

If these above times do not work for your child, contact me as I work with families in setting up classes at more convenient times.

What makes this Program unique?

 Students brainstorm topics and what`s the MOST meaningful to them.

I`m excited to see their creativity and resourcefulness!


I value a three way partnership (coach-parent-child) as connection and communication with parents is key which creates more meaningful, measurable results.


EXTRA VALUE: I meet up with parents for two complementary group calls to discuss progress, and support. Parents receive weekly coaching tools, family activities to do together, handouts, videos, eBooks and other support material!

Where does group coaching take place?

On zoom for 10 weeks. I use annotations, whiteboards, mind-maps, and other multi-sensory tools to keep students engaged online. The hour will fly by!

This program includes:

  • Unlimited weekly student & parent support via email 

  • One individual session for extra support to help your child stay on track

  • Parents receive resources and tools to support their child in home education

  • Two complementary group parent support calls

  • Parent support group (not on social media)

  • Students receive a certificate of completion

How do I book?

Please send me a message to get on the wait-list and view availability to book a seat.

Not sure if this program is right for your child?

Try out a sample class teaser (when available).

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