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Hello, my name is Mandi and I was born in South Africa and later moved to Zimbabwe in 1996. After moving to America in 2013, I have had to adjust to a new life, new community, new culture and new experiences. It has not been easy.


After homeschooling my three boys, preparing them for life and successfully launching them, I wanted to support families of high school students and young adults. As a certified academic life coach, career coach and ACC ICF coach,  I help teens and young adults find out what they are passionate about and how they can take action to live a life of purpose. I support students in life skill coaching with regards to school work, life transitions, preparing for college, deciding careers or vocation, and improving relationships. Please visit my About Me page for more.


My Mission:

support Teens with life coaching to become SELF DIRECTED young adults who lead WITH CONFIDENCE and impact others through meaningful work

How Can i

serve You?

Introduction and Information

45 min | Free Consultation

Let's get to know each other a bit and start discussing some of your goals and ideas on what you would like to accomplish in the coming weeks. Please use the email contact form below. 

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