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maximize your God Given potential and seek meaning for your life and personal growth

As a certified academic life coach, veteran home school educator, speaker, and career coach, Mandi helps students take action to live life with purpose.


Coaching improves executive function skills (time management, organization, emotional regulation) motivation, confidence, relationships, and builds healthier thinking patterns and mindsets.                                                                                        

Mandi supports parents with coach strategies that transforms family dynamics.


My Mission:

 coaching students in executive function skills & healthier mindsets towards resilient confidence & responsible independence

 Partnering with parents in "The Coach Approach" to parenting - invite connection & collaboration for harmony at home

How Can i

serve You?

Introduction and Information

30 min | Free Consultation

Book a complimentary call so we can get know one another and to see whether we are a good fit.

Please use the email contact form below. 


what people say

"Healthy experience, Gets to the heart of the child, much parent support"

"positive influence & mentor to the whole family"

"Coaching Reinforces what parents teach about living proactive productive lives"

Marla, CA

gina & Doug P

Karen, CA

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