The GO Program

Social Emotional Learning

Strategies for Academic Success
"Helped with distractions, improved time management & organization"
- Sam, PA
"Managing stress, organizing priorities, follow through with goals"
- Kimberley, CA
"Challenged my thinking, learnt about goals, motivation, discipline"
- Alex, PA

​This coaching program improves self awareness and helps students with motivation, confidence, organization, procrastination, time management, relationships, communication, stress, anxiety, mindsets, emotional regulation and more.

I care deeply about young people thriving in life. I also value parents feedback when I am working with your students. The students` success depends on student engagement AND parent support.

I love to encourage parents in their home education journey. I have been there. Yes, I home educated our three young adult sons all the way through high school until college. 


Let`s have a heart to heart. You CAN do this! 

This is not a “typical zoom” high school "class." It’s a revolutionary program that will change your students` thinking. I invite your students to get out of their comfort zone, think deeper-bigger-harder-smarter and join me on this journey to realize dreams and get excited about possibilities!

Allow me to be your teen`s personal mentor for 15 weeks. I walk with my students every step of the way with weekly accountability, challenging their mindsets and re-framing perspectives.


Many parents focus on grades alone which causes much stress and anxiety. My focus is on intrinsic growth, social and emotional learning that affects habits and behavior.

The Main Goal of this class is to support students to be confident self-driven learners who have greater self-awareness, take more ownership of their lives, and improve motivation, mindsets  and executive function skills. 

Not sure if this is the class for your student?

No worries, try out a sample class teaser!

As a coach, I support students to get organized and improve their executive function and emotional intelligence. It is known that students with higher EQ do better academically and gain higher grades & achievement test scores. MY coaching helps students with emotional regulation – the very skills that improve EQ, improve their academic skills. Emotional development, thought patterns, fears and concerns affect learning.


Coaching provides strategies for better executive functions with greater intentional action.

What makes this course unique?

This program is unique as I value a three way partnership as collaboration and communication with parents is key which creates more meaningful, measurable results.

​EXTRA VALUE: This includes two complementary parent group sessions to discuss progress. Parents receive extra support with coaching tools, resources, free videos, eBooks and lots of support material from my personal resource library!!

In addition, I send out weekly parent emails with links to videos and life application exercises. These resources help parents engage in more conversations with their teens which builds executive function and improves connection & family relationships.


This course is equivalent to 70 elective credit hours if families require credits for transcripts. Students receive a certificate of completion.


NOTE: The GO PROGRAM can be tailor made for students who prefer to do a shorter program.

What are the prerequisites?

The only prerequisites is to come excited, expectant and eager to learn. If your students are not excited, this class should get them engaged in the first session as they change perspectives on education. This course is suited for students from 13-18 yrs. 


online group sessions

Weekly sessions take place on zoom for 6-10 students and includes 15 integrated, discussion-based modules between 75 and 90 minutes each. Coaching sessions are highly engaging as students interact and discuss with fellow students.

What If my teen hates online classes?

This is not a typical online class because this is NOT school! The student follows along with the modules in a workbook (journal) and students engage with one another in multi-sensory ways.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully completing this course, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Develop a growth mindset, and healthier self-talk.

  2. Improve communication, listening and empathy skills.

  3. Discover how they learn best (learning styles, motivational styles)

  4. Develop better study and life habits (organization, time management, routines, health)

  5. Set up smart goals and well-designed actions (planning, executive functions)

  6. Improve motivation, and engage in learning with less procrastination 

  7. Develop greater self-awareness: interests, strengths, values, skills, personality

  8. Apply coaching tools and learning to career and life decisions

Coaching Builds Confidence

If your students sign up, they will get more in touch with who they are and what they want, which creates confidence, motivation, action, and results. When they come up with their own ideas and actions and get measurable results, they realize their capabilities and become more self-driven and motivated. The power of "BUY IN" is the priceless value coaching offers.  



The course contains 15 modules  presented over 15 weeks in the fall and spring. Contact me to view the modules and to watch a comprehensive video of how the classes work. 


Course Materials

This course comes with a hard copy workbook (journal) shipped to the student`s address in the United States and sessions include video clips, interactive mind maps, and engaging class discussions using multi-sensory strategies. All class material is posted on google classroom.


Life Application

The course consists of graded weekly life application activities to consolidate  learning. Ongoing weekly feedback on google classroom support students with accountability to keep them on track.



How can I get a discount for my student?

For private home-school families, parents who organize and set up their own class of 8 students will receive 50% discount for their student. This offer is limited while class spaces are available. Contact me for more details.

When do classes start?

SPRING and Fall Semesters

Classes are 75-90 minutes long to give students enough time for discussions and peer interaction. Evening classes and different times can be arranged. I work with families to find the best availability.


Tuesdays: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm PST  (1:30 pm - 3:00 pm EST)

Tuesdays: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm PST (5:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST)

Dates: 23rd August - 6th December 2022



First off, the purpose of grading is to encourage student feedback so the coach can determine how students are doing in the class. Students are encouraged not to focus on grades, but focus on what they are learning about themselves. Why not reward hard earned work and effort?


Not sure if this class is right for your student?


Try out a sample class teaser!

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What is the price?

$675 for the full GO PROGRAM in the Fall or Spring (invoice will follow once you are signed up)

$445 for the 8 week GO PROGRAM in the fall or spring

How do I Order? 

Please contact me to see which classes are available BEFORE placing your order.

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