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To move the world we must first move ourselves


Coaching "draws out" potential through self-awareness and deep listening. 

"Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out."

Proverbs 20:5


My coaching has two elements: academic and life coaching.


The academic side addresses executive function skills (time management, organization, prioritization, planning, etc) for students to succeed in home education or school.


Life coaching addresses all other aspects needed for personal development namely: relationships, emotional regulation, mindsets, values, perspectives, personalities, strengths etc.


I support families in academic and life coaching as I coach teens, young adults and parents.


A coach uses powerful questions, tools and techniques that help clients with greater self-awareness, get more clarity on where they feel stuck and how their personalities, values, self-speak, mindsets and motivational styles affect their choices and actions.


Increased self-awareness leads to more intentional choices and actions, confidence, ownership, and motivation for students to manage their lives beyond academics.

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Academic coaching benefits students in the following:

  • Greater motivation and improved confidence

  • Better executive function skills: time management, organization, study habits, planning, asking for help, goal setting,

  • Better habits, routines and follow through

  • Transforms family dynamics: improves relationships and communication

  • Improved  physical and mental health

  • Less procrastination, stress and overwhelm
  • Improved self-management skills
  • Builds focus & attention span for less distractions



The deep work of life coaching allows clients to:

  • Act from a place that is in alignment with their values and beliefs for greatest fulfillment

  • Identify unhealthy self-speak and what`s getting in the way of moving forward

  • Follow through with actions and realize capabilities

  • Identify values, strengths and create a clear vision for life

  • Re-frame negative thinking, attitudes and perspectives

  • Receive constructive support that encourages and challenges

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