To move the world we must first move ourselves


Coaching prioritizes the present and focuses on helping clients get to where they want to go. Coaching is not like therapy or counseling that focuses on the past.


A coach uses powerful questions, tools and techniques that help students with greater self-awareness, get more clarity on where they want to go and how their personalities, values, limiting beliefs and motivational styles affect their choices and actions.


Increased self-awareness leads to more confidence, ownership, and motivation to move forward. Ownership is very powerful as this motivates students to be more intentional and actionable. A coach also holds students accountable to follow through on actions and achieve more meaningful, measurable results.

Watch videos: What is coaching?

Here is a 6-part video series on the pieces of a coaching session.


The deep work of coaching allows clients to:

  • Act from a place that is in alignment with values for greatest fulfillment

  • Identify limiting beliefs and what`s getting in the way of moving forward

  • Follow through with actions and realize capabilities

  • Identify unique values, strengths and create a clear vision for life

  • Re-frame negative thinking, attitudes and perspectives

  • Receive support without feeling alone

Coaching helps clients make a paradigm shift in attitudes, thinking and perspectives. Greater self-awareness accompanied by actions, moves a student forward as coaching is an essential place to start.