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summer programs:

future proof your teens

Summer Self exploration & career exploration - choose A or B:

A: Discover your why & career exploration:

program A is for ages +16 years

Session 1: FOUNDATION:

Tools: wheel of Life

How self-aware am I?

Where do I need to grow?

How can I find more balance in my life?

Session 2: STRENGTHS:

IMAGE assessment (worth $275)

Who am I?

What are my strengths?

How am I intrinsically motivated?

How do I respond to people and situations?

Session 3: LEGACY:

Connect strengths to passion

Explore purpose

What do I love to do?

Session 4: EXPLORE:

Careers IMAGE assessment

Which possible careers match my intrinsic motivation? 

Research degrees to careers

What do these careers look like? (everyday tasks, environment, physical requirements, hours)

What specific skills are needed?

How are degrees, careers and skills changing in the digital world?

Session 5: CONNECT:

Seek experiences (job shadow, work, volunteer, internships)

Build a network (get to know people, mentors, social media connections)

Research colleges and make connections


Map out my plan.

What else do I need to prepare? (resumes, essays, interviews etc)

Set out my plan of action & goals on a timeline







Session 1: FOUNDATION:

Tools: wheel of Life

How self-aware am I?

Where do I need to grow?

How can I find more balance in my life?

Session 2: STRENGTHS:

Tools: Motivational styles assessment

Explore strengths and personality

How do I relate to others and respond to people and situations in the world?

Session 3: LEGACY:

Connect strengths to passion

Explore purpose

What do I love to do?

Session 4: STORY:

Tools: Values

Develop a mission statement.

What is your vision for the future?

Session 5: ROADBLOCKS:

Tools: Limiting beliefs, perspectives

What is holding me back?

How can I learn resilience and push through setbacks?


Where do I want to go from here?

In light of what I have learnt about myself and what I love to do, what will my next step be?

How can I start living out my best self?

Leadership projects, summer involvement (internships, job shadow, volunteer work) 

Explore experiences and options in line with your passion and values (business ventures) 

B: summer self exploration:


It`s important for students to future proof themselves with core life skills. They need to work on understanding who they are and who they want to be before they work on what they want to do or where they want to go.

Society has this the other way around and people constantly ask our youth these questions:

What are you majoring in?

What college do you want to go to?

What will you do after high school?


Focusing on the "doing" first without self-exploration can lead students in a direction that may not be best suited for them. According to Gallup, more than 75% of Americans are disengaged at work and college graduates are following this trend because they often choose degrees or careers that are not always in line with their desires or intrinsic motivations. Gallup states that only 11% of college grads are engaged at work.


A student`s career path can often indirectly be determined for them (by the culture, parents, academic staff) without allowing self-exploration and the understanding of how unique characters and interests contribute to the world in a purposeful way. For example, just because your student is good at math and science, does not mean he or she will enjoy working in a science field. 


We need to be asking the right questions and preparing our young adults with more self-awareness and emotional intelligence so they can plan their way forward with core life skills and more confidence.


How about asking students:

What are you learning about yourself?

What vision do you have for your life?

How do you want to make an impact in the lives of others?

What excites and motivates you?


These are the five areas of focus:

WHO (character, strengths), WHY (purpose), WHAT (work), WHEN (ready to take the first step), WHERE (can you fulfill your goals). Prioritize "who" and "why" before "what," "when" and"where." We live in a materialistic culture that approaches life with an external, outward focus. 

These summer coaching sessions will give students greater self-awareness, improve emotional intelligence  and develop core life skills as they are challenged to think on a deeper level about who they are and then plan their way forward with more intentionality, clarity and direction. 

Note: These coaching sessions are NOT about giving advice. For the career exploration program A, the student will be required to research and to come prepared for the next session with findings. This is how students think on a deeper level as they ask questions and find answers for themselves. If the coach gives advice, students will just go through the motions and then its about "doing what the coach says" as opposed to "following my own path that is suited to me." Coaching (as opposed to advising) results in ownership as  students learn about themselves. Self-discovery is key!

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