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In addition to coaching, I am an IMAGE certified coach offering a special career vision package for students to see what careers match their intrinsic motivations. In other words, after taking an online IMAGE assessment, students will see how their IMAGE pattern affects what roles they instinctively adopt for fulfillment and motivated satisfaction in a career path or future vocation.


IMAGE identifies distinct patterns from seven motivations that intrinsically reflect the student. These motivational patterns influence the way students interact with friends and family, which areas of work they like or dislike, even the way they handle money or make life decisions.


What are intrinsic motivations?

They are inward drives that strongly influence the way students respond to people, situations and problems in the world. It answers the question: What motivates your teen/student into action?

IMAGE measures these unique intrinsic motivations, revealing strengths. IMAGE is not designed to measure personality; it is designed to measure motivational patterns and how those patterns affect the roles the student adopts when interacting in the world. For example: If the student`s motivation is teaching, then he/she will naturally research truth to find facts and clearly present these findings to others. Or if the student is more of a comforter, his/her natural tendency is to identify with the emotions of others and respond appropriately.


The career compatibility profile (ICCP) provides a comprehensive analysis of motivational compatibility for seven broad areas of the work place: artistic, financial, health, public, service, social, technical and service or trade professions. Interests, skills, training and experience are not taken into account in this evaluation. Hence, it is important to realize that this evaluation only reveals compatible career areas aligned to the student`s intrinsic motivational make-up. The ICCP results will give students more career clarity and direct their college search or future path.  


In the business world, the goal is to move from surviving to thriving and not be caught in a job or career path where students become dissatisfied and unfulfilled. According to Gallup, over 75 % of the population in America are unfulfilled in their jobs, mostly due to choosing a job based on salary and benefits. Early discovery of a student`s natural intrinsic role will guide them into a more satisfying career path that matches that inner motivation.


To complete the online assessment, students will answer 91 questions which will take about 30 minutes. Two reports are generated from this assessment: the Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide and Evaluation  (IMAGE) which identifies intrinsic motivations, and the IMAGE Career Compatibility Profile (ICCP) which correlates their IMAGE results and patterns to their motivational makeups. The ICCP helps identify the greatest areas of fulfillment in different occupations. 

Why take the IMAGE assessment?

IMAGE profiles are like a COMPASS that help students:

  • Understand themselves better (identify strengths)

  • Become more comfortable with themselves (self-awareness)

  • Understand others better for improved communication (interpersonal skills)

  • Discover career possibilities (evaluate career decisions)

  • Gain more clarity and direction for the future (less anxiety)

  • Design an action plan for the next step (Package B)

Having a clearer idea of what your teen wants to pursue after high school helps avoid unnecessary costs of changing majors during college and increasing debt and financial burden. 

Benefits to Parents:

  • Peace of mind that your teen has explored options, researched possibilities and has a clearer plan for the way forward

  • Peace of mind for your teen with less anxiety: confident teen = happy mama = happy teen

  • Time saving in all aspects: visiting colleges, choosing majors with a smaller "list" of options to focus on.

Discover Your "Why" and Career Path package A Includes:

  • A 15 minute consult to prepare students to take the online assessment
  • An online IMAGE assessment
  • Two reports: intrinsic motivational report and career compatibility profile report
  • Three 45 minute coaching sessions to analyze results with application to career 
In Total: 1 assessment, 2 reports, 3 coaching sessions with unlimited parent email support 
 Cost: $385

Discover your "why" and Career Path Package B includes:

  • A 15 minute consult to prepare students to take the online assessment
  • An online IMAGE assessment
  • Two reports: intrinsic motivational report and career compatibility profile report
  • Three 45 minute coaching sessions to analyze results with application to career (student researches careers, internships, job shadowing) 
  • Two further-discovery sessions: personality assessment, interests, skills, values, mission statement
  • One extra coaching session to put it all together with a clear plan for what`s next
In Total: 3 assessments, 2 reports, 6 coaching sessions with unlimited parent email support
BONUS: (only with Package B): an extra online career assessment with searchable links for career research for organizing and planning the next step.   
 Cost: $635


Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further details or would like to set up a free consult. 

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