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Love Language Gift Giving ideas

We are nearing one of the most exciting times of the year as we celebrate the birth of our savior. But it can also be a very stressful time as we try and work out what gifts to buy our teens and family members. It may be helpful knowing their love language and as we serve them accordingly, we will be more likely to adequately "fill their love tanks."

Not everyone feels loved with gifts. I think we all enjoy receiving gifts but if gift receiving is not high on your loved one`s "feeling loved" list, you may want to rethink how you can make your teens and family feel more loved and cared for with specific gifts in line with their love language.

The 5 Love Languages include:

Acts of Service

Words of affirmation


Quality Time

Receiving gifts

Acts of Service:

Making someone feel loved through "you doing something for them," may take some effort and hard work on your part. Think of something you know they would like you to do for them.

For example: making their favorite meal; clearing the snow off their car in the morning; keeping the kitchen extra clean - the way they like it; serving breakfast in bed; making them a special cup of their favorite drink on a frosty winter`s morning.

Words of Affirmation:

I think I can safely say that we all need to hear words of affirmation and encouragement but some people need extra words of love spoken into their lives, more often.

Write a letter expressing your love for them; thank them for their uniqueness you love about them; send them little notes expressing your gratitude (you could place notes in your teen`s school bag); tell them one encouraging thing each day - speaking love and uplifting words into their lives.


Give out physical touch more generously than you usually do, like - hugs, holding hands, physical closeness, kisses. Gift ideas could be giving them a coupon for a massage; enjoying a holiday movie while cuddling together; many hugs - often. It all depends on how the other person feels loved with physical touch.

Quality Time:

Our lives are busy and sometimes we tend to "live past one another." We need to consider slowing down and taking the time to spend with loved ones. Gift them a special uninterrupted time with you ( without your phone!) - it may be watching a movie together or going shopping for Christmas gifts; be fully present, carve out snippets of time and do what the other person likes to do; watch a family holiday movie together; make time each day to connect, bake cookies together, plan the Christmas festivities together; play a board game.

Receiving Gifts:

Try and avoid buying gifts for the sake of buying a gift but rather buy a meaningful gift. Find out what kind of gift would be meaningful and think back on something they mentioned months ago that they'd like and surprise them with; get tickets to their favorite concert or band; gift them a class (cake decorating, yoga, painting, massage, movies, restaurants, other hobby). I have become attentive to observe what others buy for me because often what they buy for me and others can shed some light on what that person may also like.

The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance." Brian Tracey

All teens and family members want for Christmas is YOU!

Show them that they are loved, deeply and beyond measure.


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