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a tool to add fun to your homeschool & launch responsible teens

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

What if you could train your kids to be more responsible and have fun at the same time?

Aren't you tired of nagging them to get their chores or school work done?

Wouldn't you want them to take more initiative so you don`t have to always manage them?

The way parents parented young children when they were little no longer works in the tween and teen years. As parents, we need to respond to these changing times and make an intentional shift in our parenting; one that is more applicable during the adolescent years.

What has changed?

Tweens and teens desire more autonomy, but they are not sure how to balance independence with responsibility. They want the independence but do not always want the responsibilities that come with more autonomy OR they don`t know what the responsibilities look like because parents are doing it all for them. When parents give more autonomy without responsibility, teens expect more and give less and parents expect less and give more. This creates entitlement and unhealthy choices.

When parents give more autonomy without responsibility, teens expect more and give less and parents expect less and give more. This creates entitlement and unhealthy choices.

I have a wonderful tool that helps parents take a step back and allow more autonomy balanced with realistic responsibilities. This activity trains tweens and teens to be more self-motivated and at the same time relieves the parent of nagging and telling them what to do. This tool also creates more connection and improves relationships, and holding each family member accountable to do what needs to be done. It opens up conversations and invites more communication.

Essentially, this tool changes family dynamics and enables the family to have more fun together and ENJOY one another more.

If you are a homeschooling parent, this tool helps with planning and organization as all members play their part and work as a team. Weekly check in`s help each person stay on track and gets everyone into good routines and healthy habits. Good habits take time, practice and patience and this tool helps with more intentionality and consistency.

What is this tool?

The Wheel of life

The wheel of life is a graphical snapshot representing areas of our lives. It shows areas that need growth, areas out of balance and areas not realized. Families can use the wheel of life to create more self-awareness, improve empathetic understanding, build relationships, and engage on a deeper level. Parents also take part in this activity as family participation creates opportunities to learn together through family support, encouragement, and accountability.

When parents take part, it shows children that they are not perfect and by being vulnerable themselves (they admit to their own challenges), this creates more understanding. We are all a work in progress and no-one is perfect. Showing grace when we each fail or make mistakes is important in building trust and respect.

“Change might not be fast and it isn't always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit

Summary of how this tool will support your family:

  • Weekly accountability

  • Invite more conversations

  • Improving growth mindsets

  • Accepting one another as imperfect

  • Encouraging growth and learning

  • Planning and organization

  • More efficient in chores

  • More organized in school work

  • Improved goal setting and taking action

  • Greater self-awareness (showing areas of strength & weakness)

  • Improved family communication and relationships

  • Encouraging ownership and buy in

  • Encourages spiritual growth

I would love to know how this tool works for your family. It`s the exact tool I use in my coaching practice with students and parents.


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