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Teen Life Skills

How prepared is your teenager for real life?


Launching well-adjusted confident capable young adults can be challenging in today`s world. We live in a "NOW GENERATION," where delayed gratification is not practiced with convenience at our fingertips. We can watch a movie instantly, order online and get it NOW, and teenagers think having a phone is their right. 


Parents need to prepare teenagers for real life responsibilities where hard work, discipline, grit and resilience are developed. Pushing through something hard for the long term, showing perseverance when things get tough and knowing how to bounce back from setbacks are all important aspects of learning. 


Autonomy (independence) is linked to responsibility (more freedom requires more responsibility). Autonomy and responsibility need to grow together. For example: if your teens want to use the car, then they need to be responsible in other things like chores and know how to service and take care of a car.


Make the nest uncomfortable so they stretch themselves, get out of their comfort zones, and get a taste of real-life responsibilities.   

Here is a FREE resource with ideas of how you can prepare your teenagers for adulthood with practical life skills. 

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