Summer Food Pattern

Summer Ideas For Teens

Raise teens prepared for real responsibilities

​How can parents motivate their children to be creative and inspired over the summer?

How do parents get their teenagers to balance screens with entertainment and productive work?


There are many challenges parents face with regards to screens and how to balance digital entertainment with productive work. It`s important to come up with ideas that encourage personal development, self-advocacy and improve general health and well-being.



That`s why I have created 51 low-cost-no-cost activities that inspire creative self-reflective summer ideas.

Brainstorm ideas with your children and write them down on a summer bucket list. Ideas feed off ideas and as each family member shares their unique suggestions, excitement and energy mounts.

Be a coach parent. A manager parent gives advise, tells what to do and shares opinions.

"How about this?"

"What about that?"


Your ideas don`t excite them, not because your ideas are not good, but because your ideas are not THEIRS!


You need to create buy in and encourage ownership and resourcefulness.


​Invite conversation and connection instead of telling them what their options are. Tap into their creativity and resourcefulness which helps them feel heard, understood and valued. 


The outcome is more collaboration, connection and co-operation as they take ownership of their choices and thinking. View Video Summer Ideas for teens to get off screens.


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