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Transforming Tweens & Teens

how to improve relationships, build Character, faith, & independence, to manage mindsets & time use so your child can confidently deal with challenges
and make healthier choices

For Christian home school families to do together with your child (10-17yrs). Online course for life - access anytime at ONE COST for the whole family. Extra LIVE coaching support and hours of videos, LOTS of resources, handouts, templates, exercises, assessments, weekly family check in activities and MORE!

Where else will you find an all-in-one character &  faith program that also covers support in executive function skills and supporting your child in their learning so they build self-management skills?    
Here`s the reason your teens are still struggling........ It`s not that they don`t have the ability.

The real solution is for them to update their internal operating system about how they view time - past, present & future - and where they are - in relation to time and how to set up regular routines within this "time frame." Then they will be able to better manage themselves and feel more accomplished!
They need practical problem solving and planning tools through regular routines and making time more relational, visible and meaningful.

To address their "time sense" & "time relationship,"I`ve created a practical, anti-procrastination program to end parent frustration and constant nagging. I have provided a program that will teach your teens the very tools they need to get caught up in their studies, get focused, and set up regular timely routines to finish the semester strong with less stress.  

Introducing my ..........

Transforming Teens online course!

  • Imagine if you didn't need to micromanage your teen to get their work done, be less stressed and have more joy in home education.
  • Imagine if your teen could learn practical tools to use right away that not only help them in their work and projects but also get them to build better life habits?
  • What if I told you that I had an online course that honed in on the essentials needed to quickly get them focused to follow through with their work and other responsibilities?
After taking this online course - Transforming Tween & Teens - your child will know how to   choose healthier thinking patterns, set up routines and agreements with goals and actions to stay focused, get work done so they build character & follow through with chores with less conflict in relationships.

Improve relationships| Build character & Faith | Manage Mindsets| Get focused | set up timely routines | deal with conflict|make healthier choices

By the end of this course, your child will learn how to:

1.    Set up at least 3-5 regular routines that help focus and follow through

2.   Track time & routines, measure and evaluate progress 

3.    Understand how to use the time cycle to get more done

4.    Improve problem solving and planning skills

5.    Ask THE exact questions needed for self-reflection, deep learning and intentional action

6.    Know how to set up their study space the exact way that works for them

7.    Know what resources and tools are needed to get started on work

8.    Become better at estimating time and knowing how long tasks will take

9.    Use a google calendar to plan and strategize in a non-boring way! 

The Curriculum

Module 1:

CHANGE your Brain:



Rewire physical structures in the brain by renewing the mind. Thinking patterns  mold the brain. Know the brain science behind the WHY of renewing the mind.


Module 2

CHALLENGE your Thoughts:


How to control thoughts and emotions (renew), be aware of self-talk; how thoughts affect choices and actions; be aware of the lies from the enemy. TOOL: My model of control to use in any life situation


Module 3


Fail forward, learn through mistakes, set goals to stretch your thinking and learning, work towards something meaningful – build a growth mindset, explore areas you need more confidence in, persevere and build character as you push through hard things


Module 4

CONTRIBUTE good Choices:


Ownership of time, how you use your time, deal with distractions (phones, devices), set up more efficient routines so you get your work done, more fun for projects, strategies to help with focus, more energy, motivation, contribute to chores, building independence, character and being a good steward of what God has given you


Module 5



Friend and family relationships, choose friends wisely, communicate with others, conflict in relationships.Build confidence, see yourself in a more positive light, as God created you as he intended.


IMG_3168 (002).JPG
About me:

I get it! As a veteran home educator and parent of young adults with learning differences and challenges, I understand how hard it can be helping your kids to manage their time, and studies. It`s frustrating when you see them wasting time and you know they can do better but they struggle with knowing how. It feels like a constant state of chaos when you have to keep nagging them to get their school done so you can relax and not stress out.  


As a professionally ICF trained academic life coach, I see hundreds of students struggling to break habits of procrastination and finally perform at their potential. I show students how to use my unique time cycle system to get into regular, consistent timely routines to fully maximize their abilities, feel more confident and be more accomplished.

These time tools are life tools!

What Else Do You Get?
These TOOLS!

My Model of Control

My Model fo Control Tool

My Focus Framework


SMART System Solutions


Relationship Cycle


Frequently asked questions:

How long will the course take?

It depends on your family. You can complete the course in as little as 6-8 weeks or in about 12 weeks if you go at a slower pace.  One hour per week, 10 min a day 4x week or 20min 2x week, with weekly parent check in`s to do activities, give feedback, (activities, questions, conversations) and share learning with parents. You can do this course together with a parent or on your own. Start whenever you are ready and finish when it makes the most sense.

Will it give me extra work and interfere with my classes?

The tools and routines in this course is applied to an already busy schedule as the student practices these tools alongside work. Your student needs to schedule in time to do this course, about 30 minutes 3x a week. It will take effort in the beginning but as the student applies the tools, it will get easier as habits & routines become second nature. The student will get more done.

What ages is this course suitable for?

From about 10 years onward as it`s done together with a parent, so the age range is larger with added family support


How long do I have access to the course?

You have a life time access to the course for as long as its been offered.


What if I`m unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy. If it does not meet your expectations, please contact me and I will refund you after 14 days of trying out the course. Before you receive your refund, please let me know how I can improve so I learn how I can make this course better for other families. There will be a 5% expense fee applied to all refunds. To get results, it takes hard work and effort, juts like anything in life. I will support your family every step of the way but you need to do the work and not give up. 


My promise to you.

My first promise is that I am here to support you so please use the course platform to communicate with me so i know what  support you need. Secondly, you will see transformation but remember it takes time. You are planting seeds of self awareness in your child so be patient as God is working out the details.  I am confident that this course will be life changing for your entire family.


Transforming Teens online course!

What will students get?

What your child will NOT get:

Advise or strategies on how to perform skills like note taking, how to study, write essays,  and prepare for tests. This course HONES in on setting up timely routines so your family builds better habits and sets up routines for life and learning.


Personal coach available to answer questions through emails, & message center support


Collaborate with other students and the coach in a supportive network, get  feedback  on progress


Practical application through exercises, quizzes to show understanding, handouts, templates, info-graphics, workbook


Video how to support your teen through this course

coach approach

Self reflection through questions that lead to greater self awareness and action

Your teen will get tools to use for LIFE to perform at their true capability.
This course will provide practical proactive problem solving and planning through regular routines and making time relevant, relatable, visible, and meaningful.

What do my students say about my services?

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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