For young adults

How can academic Life Coaching help Young Adults and college students?

As a college student or young adult, you are most likely facing a barrage of pressing questions like:

  • Why cant I motivate myself?

  • Do I go to college or take a gap year?

  • Do I choose a major that will make me the most money or one that I most enjoy?

  • How do I juggle my work load with social and down time and still have enough time to sleep?

  • How do I plan my next steps if I don`t want to go to college?

  • Why do I face so many difficulties in relationships and how can I best communicate with others?

  • How can I get more organised and become more productive? 

  • What if my business plan doesn't work or what if I cant find a good job after college?

Academic Life coaching will help you to create achievable goals, design working systems that work for you and build good habits that alleviate stress and frustration in study, work and social.

What else will you learn from academic life coaching?

  • Knowing how to create an organised system to help with time management and stress

  • Discovering thinking styles, learning and motivational styles

  • Applying conditional and intrinsic motivation for more success

  • Breaking limiting beliefs and improving self esteem 

  • Shifting negative outlooks and adopting more useful and empowering perspectives

  • Building strong relationships and more meaningful connections

  • Exposing your inner critic and taking control

  • Aligning core values with specific action

  • Exploring your vision and mission

  • Designing your future as you grow in leadership skills

 What results can I expect from coaching:

  • Higher grades which can lead to scholarships and greater opportunities

  • Improved life skills and emotional intelligence

  • More confidence about the future and transitioning into your    chosen career path or future vision

  • Improved connections and more meaningful relationships

  • Improved time management and organisation

  • Healthier positive attitudes

  • Calmer and less frustrations

  • More clarity and direction

Is Coaching Successful for the long term?


Yes! The first reason is because coaching is NOT advising or telling what to do; you will decide the agenda and implement your own action steps. You will plan the way forward that works for you instead of following someone else`s agenda or "to do" list. I will be there to support and guide you, holding you accountable to follow through.


The second reason is because I use tools that you can use into your future which you can apply to any situation. So once coaching is over, these tools can be applied in a powerful way that will lead to continual success as you use these tools consistently to practice good habits for the long term. You will get excited about using these tools!

AND coaching builds confidence like never before! If you sign up for a coaching relationship with me, you will get confident! You will get much more deeply in touch with who you are and what you want and this will create confidence which will create motivation which will create action which will create results ....... more competence, more productivity, and more independence as you get more comfortable with yourself.

In this program, you will be working 1-on-1 weekly or bi-weekly with me, either in person, on the phone or video conference. Each 45 min-1 hour session is a powerful guided conversation where I will use powerful questions to help you think deeply, address challenges, and build confidence to succeed in the future. You will also receive unlimited email and text communication support.  

You have nothing to loose but everything to gain!

I also offer a special Career Exploration Package.

Take a look at the GO PROGRAM if you are interested in group students sessions

I look forward to connecting with you!

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