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Time Tools

Time Tools

help your child manage their time & tasks
confidently and responsibly
without parents nagging & stress

(Regular price $397)
✅Imagine if you didn't need to micromanage your teen to get their work done, with less stress, so you enjoy more joy and peace in your home.

✅Imagine if your child learnt practical tools to use right away that helped them in their work and projects, and build better life habits? (including screens & sleep)

✅Imagine if your child had essential tools to quickly get focused and follow through with their school and tasks with less forgetfulness.

Here`s the reason your child is struggling........ It`s not that they don`t have the ability.

The real solution is for them to update their internal operating system about how they view time - past, present & future - and where they are - in relation to time and how to set up regular routines within this "time frame." When they understand how to Master Time, they will be able to better manage themselves and be more accomplished!
They need practical problem solving strategies of how to VISUALLY work with time and manage distractions. They need ways to excite the brain in meaningful ways that suite THEIR UNIQUE brain make-up!

It`s about having an "experimental mindset" where they create their own unique SMART SYSTEM of strategies that becomes their unique solution.

This creates POWERFUL buy in and more collaboration and cooperation with parents!

To address their "time sense" challenges,"I`ve created a practical program to end parent frustration and constant nagging. This program teaches your (tw)teens tools they need to get focused, build healthy habits and confidence so families enjoy more peace and harmony.

Time Tools for (tw)Teens
online course

(Regular price $397)

After taking this online course - Time Tools for Teens - your child will be able to set up consistent healthy routines, build anti-distraction strategies, design their own unique system solution so they build motivation, focus & confidence with less stress.

 Get focused | get motivated| Get confident | create solid smart systems & strategies

By the end of this course, your child will learn how to:

 👉Set up at least 3-5 regular routines that help focus and create healthier habits

 👉Track time & routines, measure and evaluate progress 

 👉Learn my FOCUS FRAMEWORK to build attention and rewire neuron pathways for less distractions

 👉Build healthier mindsets and thinking patterns (be transformed by renewing the mind) Romans 12:2

 👉Improve problem solving and organizational skills (executive function)

 👉Improve self-awareness through self-reflective questions

 👉Become better at estimating time and knowing how long tasks will take

 👉Use a google calendar (or other planner) to plan and strategize in a non-boring way! 

 👉Create their own SMART SYSTEM SOLUTION to excite the brain in meaningful & memorable ways

The Curriculum

Module 1:
Build Brain Focus

Learn about brain re-wiring and renewing your mind as you transform your thinking to change your mindset, and unhealthy thinking patterns.
Romans 12:2

Module 2:

Build your own unique SMART SYSTEM SOLUTION that works for you, use your time wisely, and know what tools you need to build organizational skills.

Module 3:
Strategize with confidence
Set up efficient routines and habits,  know how to self-motivate, use the FOCUS FRAMEWORK to manage distractions and procrastination.

Module 4:
respond to relationships

Learn good communication skills, how to ask for help when needed, dealing with conflict and connecting with a meaningful community for support.

Module 5:
evaluate and celebrate

Evaluate progress and learning. Celebrate and recognize wins and successes.

IMG_3168 (002).JPG
About me:

I get it! As a veteran home educator and parent of young adults with learning differences and challenges, I understand how hard it can be helping your kids to manage their time, and studies. It`s frustrating when you see them wasting time and you know they can do better but they struggle with knowing how. It feels like a constant battle when you have to keep nagging them to get their school done, manage their screen use or try and get them to see the value of enough sleep! 


As a professional ICF trained academic life coach, I see hundreds of students struggling to break habits of distractions and finally perform at their potential. I show students how to use my unique time cycle systems to get into regular, consistent timely routines to fully maximize their abilities, feel more confident and be more accomplished.

These time tools are life tools!

Frequently asked questions:

How long will the course take?

It depends on your student. If your student works on it for 30 minutes 2x week, they can get done in 4-6 weeks. Start whenever you are ready and finish when it makes the most sense.

Will it give me extra work and interfere with my classes?

The tools and routines in this course are applied to an already busy schedule as the student practices these tools alongside their studies and work. Your student needs to schedule in time to do this course, as this helps with consistency and follow through. It will take effort in the beginning but as the student applies the tools, it will get easier as habits & routines become second nature.

Can parents and the child do this together?

Yes absolutely! Parents can work together with younger kids or parents can watch the videos and have discussions with the child/teen to check understanding. However, the questionnaires and quizzes should be completed by the child, not the parent. 


What ages is this course suitable for?

From middle school, and early tween/teen years.


How long do I have access to the course?

You have a life time access to the course.


What if I`m unhappy with the course?


Terms and conditions:

I would never want you to be unhappy and I am 100% committed to your success! I am so confident that these time tools and strategies work, that I offer a 30 day guarantee. If you have completed all the exercises, answered all the questions and done all the work, and you feel it did not add value to your life, simply send me an email and let me know how it didn't meet your expectations (so I can improve the course). I will send you a refund, with a 10% admin fee deducted as this goes to admin and third party expenses. I know these time tools work. Just like any area of your life, you get out what you put in. Your commitment is important for the success of the program and there are no refunds for non-participation.

I know you`ve got this!


time image.png

Time Tools for (tw)Teens
online course

(Regular price $397)

What your student will NOT get:

Advise or strategies on how to perform skills like note taking, how to study, write essays,  prepare for tests, and other skills. This course HONES in on setting up timely routines so students build better habits with more accurate time sense.

What will students get?


There is no LIVE support. Parents are welcome to email the coach with any questions about the program. The coach is available for personal coaching with a 10% discount to students who go through this course.


This is a "do it at your own pace" course. Questionnaires and quizzes are ways of holding students accountable and motivated to complete the work. Self-reflective questions   improve the overall learning experience as students get excited about learning!


Video trainings, practical application through exercises, quizzes to show understanding, handouts, templates, info-graphics, workbook


Support Video on how to support your child through this course

coach approach

The "Coach Approach" uses self reflective questions that lead to greater self awareness for problem solving with intentional action . This is very powerful for long term solutions!

Your child will get tools to use for LIFE to perform at their true capability.
This course will provide practical proactive problem solving and planning through regular routines and making time relevant, relatable, visible, and meaningful.

What do students say about my services?

Sam, PA

"I always had problems when managing my academic and extracurricular activities. I could not focus on my goal and was always distracted by other activities. In the Teen Mentorship class, I learned what to do, what not to do and when to do things and this has improved my time management and organization."

Kimberley, CA

"Coaching helped me manage my stress, set goals, start a planner, schedule my time, and organize my priorities. Coach Mandi is very encouraging and challenged me to keep focused and follow through on my goals."

Lisa, CA

"I received many benefits from the GO PROGRAM, such as having mental responsibility and intentionally using my time. I loved learning about myself and growing in new ways I never thought possible. I would highly recommend this course to other students because it genuinely equips young adults with the necessary tools to succeed. This was one of the most important and useful classes I have done while in high school."

(Regular price $397)
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