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Equip your child to manage their lives responsibly, so they lean into your wisdom and enjoy being with family



























How will The HOME HARMONY ACADEMY support you?

  • Help your child build time management, focus and organizational skills so they learn how to manage distractions and improve motivation.

  • Support your child in making healthier choices around tech, device use, friends, and school so you don`t have to keep on their case.

  • Control emotions so they communicate their needs with respect and relationship.

  • Get family on the SAME PAGE with expectations, consequences and family contributions so everyone is accountable and knows exactly what they need to do.

  • Find solutions to conflict TOGETHER, as you INVITE more “constructive coach conversations” that they want to be a part of so your family builds problem solving strategies.

  • Communicate in powerful ways to create a more calm and harmonious home environment, so your family appreciate one another and work together to honor God.

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Do you want this for your family?

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The Home Harmony Academy is grounded on a Biblical worldview. Coaching tools, resources and support are in alignment with scripture with focus on inner transformation (renewing the mind), pointing to Christ. 

It is an "all-in-one" 8 months program that covers all aspects of your child`s personal & spiritual growth including support in executive function skills so parents can equip their children with practical learning skills that cultivate responsible independence in ALL areas of life, so you DON`T feel you HAVE TO DO IT ALL.   


What makes the Home Harmony Academy different to other programs?


My added component is teaching coaching skills to parents using "The Coach Approach Method." Parents apply these techniques to their unique family right away, according to their personal needs and create an environment that supports their learning and growth.


The Coach Approach gives parents insight into what`s not working in their parenting.

Parents shift perspectives, to “see” their child's (hidden) struggles and what`s actually going on. When parents realize WHAT their child has difficulty communicating, parents gain a better understanding of how to support them.

THIS changes reality and what's possible, beyond what you can imagine!

Instead of dictating, nagging & lecturing, you will discern a better way that INVITES them IN!

Coaching helps parents change mindsets, and approach situations differently which brings more calm, peace and influence in your parenting.

Your whole family will learn "The Coach Approach Method" to solving any problem and building relationships for life.

Do you want this for your family?

If you want this, get on the WAITLIST!

What does the home harmony academy include?


8 months weekly LIVE group coaching, 2xchild, 2xparent per month (4 total)

Private parent support community not on social media with personal coach available to answer any questions


4 monthly LIVE calls, collaboration with other parents and the coach in a supportive community, get  instant feedback


+60 videos, quizzes, assessments, family activities & exercises, worksheets, journal, templates: coach questions, conversation starters, setting up routines & agreements, chore chart contributions, SMART Goals, wise tech use, choosing friends, self-speak awareness, growth & fixed mindsets, time traps and MORE.......


The Home Harmony Model: 8 month access to modules done at your own pace, trainings, exercises, assessments and all resources

What Else Do You Get?

My Coach TOOLS!

My Focus Framework

Strategies to build focus, time management, organization, motivation, stop procrastination &  distractions.

SMART System Solutions

SMART school & life skill solutions to support executive function, create healthier habits & routines, be more responsible and contribute & serve others. Find your own unique family solutions

The Relationship Cycle

Break negative cycles, respond in healthier ways, build awareness and empathy.

The Coach Approach Method

Shifting parenting & perspectives, from the Boss-manager to the Coach-parent, use questions and conversations instead of lectures & nagging 

Challenge negative thinking patterns,renew your mind, change mindsets, regulate emotions


My Model
of Control

What bonuses Do You Get?
Limited to first few families!


  • 1 extra month into the academy (9 months in total)

  • Two 1:1 parent coaching calls

  • 4 extra months access to curriculum (12 months total)

MINDSETS: changing thinking patterns, challenging thoughts and perspectives are a big focus in the academy!

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will." Romans12:2

Frequently asked questions:

How much time do I need to commit to this program?

It will take 1 hour of weekly LIVE coaching calls as a commitment. The time you spend on the curriculum & modules is totally up to you as this training is in your own time. I would suggest scheduling 30 minutes/week of family check in time to complete exercises together for the most benefit. Your time investment is as much time you decide to give it.

Who is the Home Harmony Academy for?

Christian families with children ages 10 and up. If you have younger children as well, they can  participate in the weekly family activities and you will be applying the coach tools with your entire family.   


If your family is struggling with learning, relationships, social interaction, confidence, cooperation or emotional challenges, the Home Harmony Academy is right for you. 

How long do I have access to the Home Harmony Model curriculum?

You have 8 months access with an extra 4 months bonus if you qualify.

What other support do I get?

Exclusive parent community (not on social media) for support whenever you need it. Weekly group support calls: 2x child & 2x parent. That`s 4 calls per month! Parent Replays available. 


Will I get coaching directly with Mandi?

Yes! In a small group setting with other parents. The Home Harmony Academy is the best investment for your family.

How do I find out more?

Book a discovery call to find out more!

My "Coach Approach Method" to parenting draws out "potential," invites conversation,  and family collaboration so your child wants you to be a part of their lives into their adult years.

"Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out." Proverbs 20:5


Get your family (and spouse) on the SAME PAGE, communicate respectfully in conflict situations, and find solutions TOGETHER, as you INVITE more constructive conversations.


You will be more calm, and less overwhelmed because everyone`s contributing and collaborating!

Your home will model a lifestyle of discipleship as your family learns through doing hard things together.

Do you want this for your family?

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Build resilient confidence, responsible independence and respectful relationships

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About me:

For me, the hardest aspects about parenting is being consistent and taking the time to listen carefully.  Consistently following through with routines, daily responsibilities and keeping to the rules agreed upon, can be challenging.  


Despite my best intentions, I failed often. Through those failures, I’ve learned the importance of good communication, setting clear boundaries with realistic expectations, actively listening to my children, and hearing their perspectives.


Understanding a "coaching role" rather than "directing every move," drawing out a genuine relationship of mutual trust and respect, that creates calm and connection, and always pointing them to Christ, is key.


In my work, I support students to build healthier mindsets towards resilient confidence & responsible independence, partnering with parents towards productive communication to create home harmony. 

As a veteran home school educator, and professional ICF academic life coach, I see hundreds of students struggling to break unhelpful habits, so they can live their best lives. I show students and parents how to use my unique coach tools that invites connection & collaboration, so you become the influential parent you want to be and your child is confidently ready for the "real world."

What do parents say about my programs?


"Coaching outlines how we as parents can support our teens on their way to more independence and self-confidence. Being provided with the language how to facilitate this shift, we felt how gradually the relationship with our daughter improved and the connection deepened with less conflict. Our daughter was more motivated as Mandi gave her organizational and measurable planning tools to get a better handle on the completion of her school work."


"This is a great program if you and your teen are struggling to communicate well. It was so helpful for me to see that I was still trying to be the Boss-Parent to my teenager. Mandi provides so many excellent tools to help your teen become independent and take more responsibility for themselves. Being exposed to these tools, serves them well into their future."


"Mandi`s coaching supports struggles parents face trying to help their child become more responsible. Mandi reinforces all that parents try to teach their child about living a proactive and productive life."

Do you want this for your family?

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