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Parent, how can I help your high school teen?

Generally we have it the wrong way around. We want our children to achieve good grades, academic success, good scholarships and acceptance into the best colleges. We stress, and we pressure and nag to motivate our teens. But this approach does not work.


No amount of outside pushing will help until your teens start to experience more self-awareness and begins to develop a healthier emotional intelligence. Self-awareness brings inner change which results in external change. As your teen begins to take on more ownership and responsibility, he/she will set up useful SMART systems that work for greater academic success.


Shifting the myopic focus away from grades provides empowering perspectives that relieves stress and frustration, bringing about an internal shift, resulting in more external success!

Academic Life Coaching addresses the following pervasive and perennial problems: lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of self confidence, poor study habits, fear of failure, fixed mindsets, stress about grades and college, emotional dysregulation, frustration in relationships, poor time management, disorganization and more. 

What can your teen expect to learn from coaching?

  • Know how to create an organized system to help with time management and stress

  • Discover thinking styles, learning and motivational styles

  • Apply conditional and intrinsic motivation for more success

  • Break limiting beliefs and improve self confidence 

  • Shift negative outlooks and adopt more useful perspectives

  • Build strong relationships and more meaningful connections

  • Expose the inner critic and take control

  • Align core values with specific action

  • Explore strengths, interests, vision and mission

  • Design the future and grow into leadership skills  

  • Set up action plans and learn to follow through to reach goals

and much more.........


As a coach, I will hold your teen accountable to follow through with action steps that help to replace old habits with more useful ones that lead to lasting change and measurable results. 


I don’t know about you but when I see myself in a more positive light, I do better in life! When I learn to stop the limiting beliefs and negative assumptions in my head, and replace those with positive beliefs, my brain looks for the evidence that what I believe about myself is true. It`s the way our brains work. When your teen goes from “I can`t get good grades” to “I know I am capable of getting good grades,” and decides on a SMART system with action steps, results will follow. What we think of ourselves, so we become as we act out those positive or negative beliefs.

What is more empowering: Someone telling you what to do or discovering what to do for yourself? When was the last time your teen got excited about an idea or solution? Was it your idea or theirs? Or has your teen lost interest because he/she has switched off to all your advise and suggestions? 

The magic of life coaching is when the coach asks powerful questions that helps your teen tap into the  potential that you know your teen has so that ideas and solutions are their own. They are far more likely to follow through on their actions when they have taken ownership and they see that their ideas work!  

They need to see that they are capable experts on themselves and this builds their confidence!

What results can your teen expect from life coaching?

  • More meaningful relationships

  • Taking ownership for learning

  • Improved life skills and emotional intelligence

  • Healthier, positive attitudes

  • Deeper teen/parent connections

  • Less stress about school and college

  • More self confidence

  • Higher grades and GPA

  • Better college scholarships and opportunities

  • Improved time management and organization

  • Happier family/work/school life


Keep your feet on the ground, change takes time. Forming new lasting habits can take between 3-6 months. Trust the coaching process and give your teen some space and some time :)

Is Coaching Successful for the long term?


Yes! The first reason is because coaching is NOT advising or telling what to do, the student learns to take ownership of learning and starts to implement their own actions. Each unique student will plan the way forward that works for the individual instead of following someone else`s agenda or "to do" list.


The second reason is because I use tools that students can use into their future which they can apply to any situation. So once coaching is over, these tools can be applied in a powerful way that will lead to continual success as students use these tools to practice good habits for the long term. It`s so rewarding to see when students get excited about the tools and start using them outside of the coaching sessions!

AND coaching builds confidence like never before!  If your teen signs up for a coaching relationship with me, they will get confident. They will get much more deeply in touch with who they are and what they want and this will create confidence which will create motivation which will create action which will create results…….more competence, more productivity, and more independence as they get more comfortable with themselves.

As a coach, I support students to get organized and improve their executive function and emotional intelligence. It is known that students with higher EQ do better academically and gain higher grades & achievement test scores. MY coaching helps students with emotional regulation – the very skills that improve EQ, improve their academic skills. Emotional intelligence is part of their entire make-up. You cannot separate academic success from emotional development. Their thought patterns, emotions, and fears affect their learning.


Coaching provides strategies for better executive functions with greater intentional action.

In these coaching sessions, we will work 1-on-1 weekly, either in person, on the phone or video conference. Each 45 min to 1 hour session is a powerful guided conversation where I will use powerful questions to help your teen think deeply, address challenges, identify whats holding him/her back and how to build confidence to move forward. Teens and parents also receive unlimited email and text communication support.  

Please schedule a free 30 minute informational session with me to find out more about coaching and how I can serve you!  

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