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the GO program
What is the GO PROGRAM?

G stands for GROWTH and O stands for OWNERSHIP. The GO PROGRAM helps high school and college students Go forward – move ahead to where they want to be – a physical and psychological destination. The GO PROGRAM equips students with life skills for independence into adulthood.  

The GO PROGRAM improves academic learning and emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness) as students engage and complete learning modules. Real education takes place when students apply their learning, and understand more about themselves - what motivates them, what holds them back and how they respond to others.

Functional emotional intelligence and awareness of behavior patterns or habits is the key to growth and ownership. Without this awareness, students are powerless to change. From this place of self-awareness, the GO PROGRAM prepares students to become independent-motivated-self-learners who solve their own problems, think & plan for themselves, and take ownership with intentional actions to achieve measurable results.

My PROMISE to parents: If your high school teens sign up for these coaching modules and sessions, your teens will gain confidence like never before. They will get more in touch with who they are and what they want, which will create confidence, which will create motivation, which will create action, which will create results! Building their confidence is key to RESULTS! When they come up with their own ideas and actions and get measurable results, they realize that they are the experts on themselves (ownership) and this produces more  motivation, more independence, and more productivity, as they become more comfortable with themselves! THIS is the priceless value coaching offers.  

How does the GO PROGRAM work?

This group coaching program is suitable for 6-10 high school students and includes 15 integrated, discussion-based modules of 90 minutes each. It comes with a workbook or notes and presented online with videos and PowerPoints. Modules build on information learnt from previous sessions as students formulate and implement a plan of action in their school week. This integrated approach enables students to apply their learning to real life - hence, consolidating the learning process.


When students fail to follow through on actions, this is a great opportunity for growth and learning as students evaluate their progress or lack of progress and decide on new actions to move forward. Through self-awareness,they discover ways to improve and learn resilience as they push through setbacks. Self-management skills (evaluating, monitoring, re-assessing) help students with ownership as they become more consistent in setting well-designed actions every week. Repetition of habits and behavior patterns improves intentionality-with-purpose as self-awareness grows.

The GO PROGRAM includes modules on: 


VAK styles and thinking styles, goal setting, well-designed actions, time management and organisation, motivational styles, limiting beliefs & negative assumptions, life balance, building resilience & grit, personality styles, relationship to failure and success, handling setbacks, growth mindsets vs fixed mindsets, practical study techniques, exploring values & strengths, vision & mission, how the brain works (neuroscience) and much more.

The GO PROGRAM`S main objective is for GROWTH and OWNERSHIP as confidence grows.

Overall Module Objectives:


  • Understand more about the learning process (neuroscience)

  • Understand self and personality

  • Build awareness of metacognition (thinking) by studying how the brain can be switched on

  • Understand thinking styles and learning strategies

  • Improve ability to study, learn and retain information

  • Learn coping techniques in classes

  • Learn resilience and how to handle setbacks

  • Adopt healthy mindsets and learn new useful habits

  • Apply learning to the real world (life skills that prepare for adulthood)

  • Improve emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness)

GO PROGRAM Outcomes:


  • Improved confidence

  • Good attitude to learning

  • Greater motivation

  • Higher grades, GPA`s and better scholarships

  • More clarity and direction for college and careers

  • Improved communication with teachers, staff, fellow students and parents

  • Ownership – self-directed learners

  • Improved stress management & time management

  • Better understanding of the ‘why’ to learning - skills for life, not just to pass a test


If you would like to know more, please contact me below and I will send you a link with more details on these modules.  If you would like to book a school group or home school group on the GO PROGRAM or place your high school student`s name on the waiting list, please send me an email and we can decide on suitable times and dates for the group. Classes consist of 6-10 students and each student receives a workbook or handouts. The modules for high school students will be different to the modules for college students.

Remember my PROMISE to parents is that your high school teen will gain confidence like never before.

You will see the results! 

Contact me for a free 45 minute informational session to find out more and to get to know me better.