What does the academic life coaching program look like?

A. The first part focuses on systems, habits and structures for academic success:

  • learn effective systems to manage homework and assignments 

  • determine learning styles, thinking styles, motivation and personality types

  • implement coaching tools and systems for practical application

  • understand study habits that best match how you learn and think


Desired results: improved organization; better grades and school performance; less stress and frustration in school and at home

B. The second part focuses on increasing self awareness and building fluency with thoughts, emotions and habits:

  • identify unique values and uncover a clear vision for the future

  • break negative thinking and assumptions and replace these with more useful perspectives                                                        


Desired results: improve confidence and motivation as new habits replace old habits

C. The final part focuses on leadership, communication and preparation for college or job:

  • identify what it means to be a good leader and understand how to grow into leadership using unique qualities

  • build interpersonal skills and practice better communication for more meaningful connections

  • plan how to be college or job ready with confidence

  • apply the tools and skills learnt in coaching into the future for long term success 


Desired results: improved relationships, clearer purpose, more prepared and confident for the next step

When should I start?

You can start anytime but ideally you would like to start at the beginning of any school/college year. If you miss this start up, then I would suggest starting no later than the beginning of the second semester in order to get the full benefit from the program. It takes time to identify habits that don`t work and implement new ones that do. 


How many sessions should I sign up for?

Ideally 15-20 sessions will give you enough time to practice all the 32 tools learnt. And the 15-20 session package is the best deal!

Can I sign up for fewer sessions?

Yes you certainly can! The more sessions you sign up for, the cheaper the package and the more long term benefits.


Is this program right for me?

Why not send me a message and we can set up a free 30 minute informational session to see if this is a good fit for you? If you are still not sure, then you can sign up for one session to experience coaching.

With all coaching sessions and packages, you also receive  unlimited email and text communication support.  ​


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